It’s National Libraries Day, so tell us why you love your library!



Celebrating National Libraries Day

We love our libraries, and we hope you do too, so to celebrate National Libraries Day we’re inviting you to tell us what you love most by pinning messages to our specially-designed boards.

Boots and Brackenhurst libraries have been completely transformed over the last few years, and Clifton campus library is also getting a face-lift in the near future. The improvements include more study spaces, better WI-Fi, funky furniture and decor, intelligent design and much more.

National Libraries Day is on 8 February, so from 6 – 8 February we’re putting a new and specially-designed feedback board in the reception area of each of our libraries, asking you to write us a note on it telling us what you love most about your library.

Do you love the comfy sofas, the huge video walls, or maybe the helpful staff? We really want to hear from you, so come in and tell us what you think.

Alternatively, take to Twitter to tell us, by mentioning @NTUStudentNews or using the hashtag #NTULibrary.

To find out more about your NTU library visit the website.

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