Library OneSearch improvements – March 2014

Library OneSearch@NTU

In response to feedback from Customer Services (and from library customers), a number of small (but hopefully significant) changes will go live in the Library OneSearch interface later this week. The key tweaks and updates are detailed below (click on each of the images for a full-size version):

Repositioned ‘Locations & Requests’ tab

For an item of physical stock, the ‘Locations & Requests’ tab will be presented first in the list of clickable options. For items that are available in both physical and electronic format, the ‘View Online’ tab will be presented first, and the ‘Locations & Requests’ tab second. This change is intended to provide more intuitive access to location information and reservation options for physical stock items.

Relocated 'Locations & Requests' tab Relocated ‘Locations & Requests’ tab

New prominent ‘Find Databases’ link

In an effort to give the functionality greater prominence, an additional ‘Find Databases’ button will be added to the main search…

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