New survey on violence against women

‘A new report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) presents results from the world’s biggest-ever survey on violence against women, revealing the extent of abuse suffered by women at home, work, in public and online. As well as demonstrating the wide prevalence of violence against adult women, the report also details incidents of physical and sexual violence experienced by women in childhood.’ [taken from the website].  View more information and the results of the report at


Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Police Bill

The Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Police Bill was introduced into the House of Commons on 9 May 2013.  Further information and links to relevant publications are available on the Home Office website at

Rebooting the PC: Using innovation to drive smart policing

The Policy Exchange has published a report which suggest the police service needs to become more imaginative in how it interacts with the public in order to deliver a smarter service.  Further information and a link to the full report can be viewed at

Journal of Criminal Justice – special issue on the psychology of crime

The March-April 2013 issue of “Journal of Criminal Justice” is a special issue on the psychology of crime.  This is available to NTU staff and students through Science Direct – you’ll need to log on if you access this off campus.  Access this through Library OneSearch or on campus at

Home Office action plan to end violence against women and girls

The Home Office has written an updated report which sets out its  plans to end violence against women and girls. This updates the report from 2012. The report is available on the Home Office website at

Transforming Rehabilitation: A revolution in the way we manage offenders

The Ministry of Justice has published the Justice Secretary’s proposals for transforming rehabilitation, with consultation open until 22 February.  The paper can be viewed at

Tough action on stalking

Stalking has become a criminal offence for the first time, with two new laws coming into force. They are to provide extra protection for victims and help bring more stalkers to justice. See the Home Office website for additional information .