Latest ebooks added to stock for Criminology, Public Health and Policy Studies

BLOKDIJA, G, 2008. Disaster recovery and business continuity: IT planning, implementation, management and testing of

BLYTH, M, 2009. Business continuity management: building an effective incident management plan

GEMERT, F van, 2008. Street gangs, migration and ethnicity

HALLSWORTH, S, 2005. Street crime

PORTER, L, 2009. Whose urban renaissance? an international comparison of urban regeneration strategies


Latest ebooks added to stock for Guidance, Youth Studies and Youth Justice

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MACDONALD, R, 2005. Disconnected youth? Growing up in Britain’s poor neighbourhoods

WATTS, A, 1996. Rethinking careers education and guidance: theory, policy and practice

Latest ebooks added to stock for Psychology

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AMICHAI-HAMBURGER, Y, 2009.  Technology and psychological well-being

BOTTOMS, B, 2090. Children as victims, witnesses and offenders: psychological science and the law

BRYSBAERT, M, 2009.  Historical and conceptual issues in psychology

LILIENFELD, S, 2009. 50 great myths of popular psychology: shattering widespread misconceptions about human behavior

REYES, G, 2008. The encyclopedia of psychological trauma

TATSUOKA, K, 2009. Cognitive assessment: an introduction to the rule space method

ZEANAH, H, 2009. (3rd ed.) Handbook of infant mental health

Latest ebooks added to stock for Social Work, Health and Social Care and Counselling

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CHAFE, W, 2007.  The importance of not being earnest: the feeling behind laughter and humor

DICKENS, J,  2010.  Social work and social policy: an introduction

DOEL, M, 2010. Social work placements: a traveller’s guide

KASSEM, D, 2010. Key issues in childhood and youth studies

PETR, C, 2009.  Multidimensional evidence-based practice synthesizing knowledge, research and values

RASSOOL, G, 2009. Alcohol and drug misuse: a handbook for students and health professionals

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