Communications Data Bill published

The recently published Communications Data Bill outlines vital powers to help catch criminals, save lives and protect children.  Read more information on the Home Office website.


New Approaches to Supporting Carers’ Health and Well-being

The Department of Health has commissioned a report to investigate new ways for supporting the health and well-being of carers. The report has been drawn up by CIRCLE, University of Leeds, and can be accessed from the DoH website.

Independent riot motivation findings published

A Cabinet Office report examines what motivated young people involved in the August riots earlier this year.  The full report can be downloaded from

Health lives, healthy people: update and way forward

The DoH has published its policy statement which “reaffirms the Government’s bold vision for a new public health system” [taken from the website].

The Ministerial Group on Dementia Research – headline report

This report presents the findings of the Ministerial Group on Dementia Research, set up to find ways to improve the quality, volume and impact of dementia research.

Letting Children be Children – Report of an Independent Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood

This is the final report of the Bailey review – an independent review investigating the  commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood led by Reg Bailey, Chief Executive of Mothers’ Union.  Businesses  and media have been called upon to help end the increasingly sexualised ‘wallpaper’ that surrounds children.

Common Core Principles for Supporting People with Dementia: a guide to training the social care and health workforce

This DoH-commissioned guide has been produced by Skill for Care and Skills for Health, to help health and social care workers support people with dementia.  Access the document here.