Do children learn more from self-explanation than extra practice?

This is explored in the following article

McEldoon KL, Durkin KL, and Rittle-Johnson B (2013). Is self-explanation worth the time? A comparison to additional practice. The British journal of educational psychology, 83 (4), 615-32

You can read the full text online via Library OneSearch.


Temporary free access to key content from Routledge psychoanalysis Journals

Routledge Journals is offering FREE ACCESS to a selection of articles from its Psychoanlysis collection and related titles.  These will be available to read and download until 31 December 2013.

To view the full list of articles available, visit and make the most of this offer.

Styles, approaches and patterns in student learning – journal article

This article may be of interest:

Evans, C. and Vermunt, J. D. (2013), Styles, approaches, and patterns in student learning. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 83: 185–195. doi: 10.1111/bjep.12017

You can access this through Library OneSearch, or by pasting the doi into a search engine.  If you’re off campus you’ll be asked to log in with your NTU username and password.

Article on the brain hemispheres and false memory

An article investigating how our brain hemispheres cooperate to avoid false memory has been published in the February issue of Cortex.  The full article can be accessed through Science Direct at using the following DOI  Access is direct on campus but you may have to log on if you’re off campus.

TED talk on the key to success

Watch psychology researcher Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED talk on how she considers “grit” to be an important factor in success.  The short film clip can be viewed at

Journal of Criminal Justice – special issue on the psychology of crime

The March-April 2013 issue of “Journal of Criminal Justice” is a special issue on the psychology of crime.  This is available to NTU staff and students through Science Direct – you’ll need to log on if you access this off campus.  Access this through Library OneSearch or on campus at

Free Wiley collection of autism articles and chapters

Wiley has created a special virtual collection of scholarly research on autism for World Autism Awareness Day 2013 (which was on 2nd April).  These are organised by broad subject headings, including Psychology, Neuroscience, and a section for parents and practitioners.  View the collection at