Library events for this term

Check out the new programme of events for this term.  A new researcher programme which ties very closely to the RDF (researcher development framework) has been added.

Events for staff can be viewed and booked online at

Students can view their programme of events at  Workshops of interest include Harvard referencing, Library OneSearch, and time management.


HEALER Research Toolkit

“This toolkit is intended to help librarians in the health sector to carry out research from small-scale, local service evaluation through to much more formal research.   The toolkit is intended as a starting point for those wishing to undertake a research project, highlighting issues to consider and signposting resources to help you get started.” [Taken from the website]

By what age do children recognise that plagiarism is wrong?

Christian Jarrett outlines an article which investigates findings that some children have a rudimentary understanding of ownership of ideas by the age of five.  No excuse for our students to plagiarise then!

Olson, K., and Shaw, A. (2010). ‘No fair, copycat!’: what children’s response to plagiarism tells us about their understanding of ideas. Developmental Science DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-7687.2010.00993.x