TV programme broadcast w/c 22.3.14

The following TV programme will be added to the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) databases after transmission next week:

Panorama: The great NHS robbery (Monday 24th, BBC1, 8.30-9pm).


TV and radio programmes w/c 15.3.14

The following programmes will be broadcast and added to the BoB archive next week:

Oh do shut up dear! Mary Beard on the public voice of women (Sunday 16th, BBC4, 8-9pm)

Life and death row – execution (Monday 17th, BBC3, 9-10pm)

Gay rights: tying the knot (Tuesday 18th, R4, 8-8.40pm)

TV programme w/c 8.3.14

The following TV programme will be added to the Box of Broadcasts archive:

Swansea: Living on the streets (1st of 3-part series) (Tuesday 11th, BBC1, 11.35pm – 12.10am)

TV programmes w/c 22 February 2014

The following TV programme will be added to the BoB archive (Box of Broadcasts):

Horizon: How do you really make decisions? (Monday 24th, BBC2, 9-10pm)

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TV programme selected for w/c 18.1.14

The following TV programme will be streamed in the Box of Broadcasts archive:

Panorama – Police: shooting to kill? (Monday 20th, BBC1, 8.30-9pm)

TV programmes w/c 11/1/14

The following TV programmes will be downloaded to the BoB archive:

Panorama: I want my baby back [investigation into the role of family courts in taking children away from their parents] (Monday 13th, BBC1, 9-10pm)

Cutting Edge: Finding mum and dad [behind the scenes of a pilot scheme – an ‘adoption activity day’] (Wednesday 15th, CH4, 10-11.05pm)

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Box of Broadcasts downtime for upgrade

Box of Broadcasts will be unavailable from 5pm this evening (13 December) until 23 December while an upgrade is taking place. The new version will be launched on 6 January 2014 and some of the improved features include:

  • 800,000 new programmes added from the BBC 2007-2009
  • More channels, including foreign language channels
  • Buffer period increased from 7 days to 30 days
  • All channels from the archive are now available on the 30 day buffer
  • Apple iOS compatible
  • Searchable transcripts and thumbnails
  • Easier clip creation
  • Easier embedding into NOW