Delays to be reduced in family courts

The Ministry of Justice has outlined plans to ensure child care cases are dealt with more quickly and effectively in family courts.  Details are outlined at


More training to identify and support victims of human trafficking

The Home Office has announced that youth workers and social workers are among those professionals who will soon benefit from training to identify and help victims of human trafficking.View the news release on the Home Office website at

Transforming Rehabilitation: A revolution in the way we manage offenders

The Ministry of Justice has published the Justice Secretary’s proposals for transforming rehabilitation, with consultation open until 22 February.  The paper can be viewed at

You be the judge – updated

Have a look at the updated You be the Judge website to pass sentence in a virtual environment on real-life cases.  It’s not easy!  Teen crime has recently been added.

Evidence and practice review of support for victims and outcome measurement

This research for the Ministry of Justice “reviewed current practice and existing evidence on victims’ support needs, outcome measurement and quality assurance in the victim support sector.

A literature review of current research, interviews with experts in the field, case studies of victim support service providers and a findings workshop provided the results for the review. The research found that the needs of victims are complex, dynamic and wide ranging, and the support service sector is diverse. Current practice in measuring outcomes that providers aim to achieve for victims and approaches to quality assurance within the sector varied considerably; this has implications for outcome-focused commissioning.” [taken from the website]. Read the full report on the Ministry of Justice website.

The new remand framework for children: Allocation of new burdens funding to local authorities

The Ministry of Justice and the Youth Justice Board set out their proposals to allow  local authorities to be given greater financial responsibility for secure remand of young people.  Find out more and have your say by visiting the Ministry of Justice website.

Two new databases

Two new databases have been added to NTU Library’s collection.

PsycTESTS (one of EBSCO’s psychology databases) contains psychological tests and measures, including thousands of actual test instruments and test items that are available for immediate download and use in research and teaching. 

JISC MediaHub is a multimedia platform offering digital image, video and audio collections tailored for educational use. The platform offers access to free-at-the-point-of-use images, video and audio content licensed for educational and research.

Both databases are accessible on and off campus, through Library OneSearch.